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Create your own Magic or Yu-gi-Oh! trading cards


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Magic Set Editor is an application that you can use to create your own personalized cards for the following series: Magic: the Gathering, Magic Vanguard, VS System and Yu-Gi-Oh!

Creating the cards is easy. Firstly, you choose which game you want to create the card for. Secondly, you fill in all fields on the card. This procedure is very intuitive; to add an image, for example, you only have to double click on the area you want it to go, to add a description, you just do the same to put the text where you want it.

When you finish the card, you can save it to your hard drive and store it with all the other cards you've created, until eventually you have created your own customized digital deck.

The cards created with Magic Set Editor cannot, of course, be used in competitions of any kind and you should only use them with the express consent of your opponent.

Magic Set Editor is a very entertaining app, that will appeal especially to fans of the aforementioned games. Creating your own Magic or Yu -Gi -Oh! cards has never been easier.
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